Monday, February 22, 2010

My Video Collection Entirely on Vimeo

In 2009 I completed a trilogy of travels in my faithful Honday Today NVS 50cc. All the videos produced from the footage gathered on those travels are now on VIMEO, a great community ready to host quality material. The forthcoming clips will also be hosted on VIMEO.

Here is the triology. Who knows what comes next!

2009 - Scooting in Dreamland - The Scootish Highlands and Hebrides

21 days - 5300 kms

2008 - Pizza Boy Goes to Sahara - Morocco

13 days - 3250 kms

2007 - Asturias Adventure - Spain

6 days - 1370 kms


Anonymous said...

Asturias Adventure...great fun. Congratulations. By the way....who is the girl singing on the trailer?

TodayAdventure said...

Hi and thanks. Sorry for the late answer... I've been traveling in Algeria. The (first) song is called Spinning and the group, Zero 7, founded by two men. They regularly invite female singers for their tunes. I think the one singing in this song is Sophie Barker ( ).

Anonymous said...

Very Very Good! Keep doing trips dude!

Anonymous said...

Parabéns pelos vídeos.
faz-nos sonhar e desejar partir também.

E para quem gosta de sonhar e partir também...

Boas solas

erik said...

I love your blog. Absolutely amazing adventures and I'm super jealous. If you have any more longer video clips of your morocco adventure it would be great to see them:)

I just bought a 2014 Honda today and plan to travel outback Australia with it. I hope i have as much fun as you did on your adventures. You're my inspiration Thanks for sharing

Pizza Boy said...

Hi Erik. Thanks for your message and kindness. It leaves me really happy to know that my trips and videos are the source of inspiration for others, and for you, in particular. :-) Yes, I have more footage but still didn't find the time to edit it properly (shame on me!). I might however have something to share with you. If you are into Facebook, contact me here: . Thanks!