Monday, June 30, 2008

Asturias Scooter Adventure

July/August 2007

This is the first adventure I want to tell you about. The 10 minute clip below is the brief story about a trip I toke from Portugal to Asturias, Spain and back, in a 4 cv, 50 cc scooter in the summer of 2007. 1400 joyful kilometers through the natural reserve of Ancares and the mountains of Asturias to finally reach the incredible Playa del Silencio in the asturian spanish coast.

One of the purposes of this adventure was, besides all the great fun in it, demonstrating that one can have a good life with little money.

Some data about this trip:

Total distance: 1370 km
(851 miles)
Total fuel costs: 35 euro
Average fuel economy: 2.35 liters/100 km (100.1 MPG)*
Number of days: 6
Maximum distance in a day: 335 kms
(208 miles)
Highest elevation: 1850 meters (6,070 feet)**

Special and warmest thanks to:
  • my friend Toni Parente for building the front luggage rack
  • my Spydonite friends for inspiration.
The trip report in portuguese is ready and it will be soon translated and published in english language.

* MPG refers to US liquid gallon
** at Fonte da Cova Pass, Spain