Monday, February 22, 2010

My Video Collection Entirely on Vimeo

In 2009 I completed a trilogy of travels in my faithful Honday Today NVS 50cc. All the videos produced from the footage gathered on those travels are now on VIMEO, a great community ready to host quality material. The forthcoming clips will also be hosted on VIMEO.

Here is the triology. Who knows what comes next!

2009 - Scooting in Dreamland - The Scootish Highlands and Hebrides

21 days - 5300 kms

2008 - Pizza Boy Goes to Sahara - Morocco

13 days - 3250 kms

2007 - Asturias Adventure - Spain

6 days - 1370 kms

Pizza Boy Goes to the Sahara - Teaser (VIDEO)

I also managed to find the time to edit a teaser clip of the much promised "movie" of the trip to Morocco, in the Summer of 2008.

Morocco... an adventure destination for Europeans. A whole different culture, the highest mountains of northern Africa (the Atlas chain), a smell of the biggest desert on the planet that announces itself in the South... And an adventure destination requires an adventure trail motorcycle to be explored, right? Well, check this teaser clip before making up your mind...

In the Summer of 2008 a pizza deliverer ;-) travels through the heart of "Berber land", conquers the Gorges of Dadès and Todra, only to know how a desert storm looks like and returns home with his dream fulfilled. And this in his toy scooter.

In my unsupported self-filmed Moroccan tour of 3250 kms in 13 days, I spent a total of 210 euros in food, fuel and accomodation... the later under the stars, mostly - the best life has to offer. This is only a teaser... the complete story is yet to come. Stay tuned...

The musical credits are due to Alex Khaskin.

The Scootish Highlands - August 2009 (VIDEO)

This was my last scooter trip, in the Summer of 2009.

Lay back and enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Scottish Highlands and Outer Hebrides.

21 days, 6 ferry boats, 5300 kilometers in a 50 cc, 4 stroke, 4 hp scooter, from Portugal to the Scottish Highlands, Outer Hebrides (Harris & Lewis), the Isle of Skye and back to my country - these are the numbers and such was the adventure. I have nearly zero experience in videography and film editing (as it can easily be observed). I traveled solo, with no trip or movie planning, with no backup and I camped wild many nights. The average speed was below 40 kph. I purposedly decided to leave the footage untouched; this means that the images you are watching weren't post-processed in any way.

This was my third trip in this 50 cc scooter and it was by far the most expensive, mainly due to the several ferry crossings. I'm a firm believer that one doesn't need a lot of money or expensive heavy machines to enjoy the best life has to offer.

This won't be my only film about the journey; at least one more will come out one day. There are also a lot of unforgettable moments that were left out of this movie. They simply cannot be captured in images. For the most, I'm thinking about the many interesting people I met along my way.

I'm thankful to a bunch of friends who inspired this and other previous adventures. The Nomad's Club of Portugal and the "Sydoníticos" were certainly the most influential, but there are many others. My warmest thanks to Toni Parente and Teófilo, two friends that always toke care of my little Honda Today like a baby. I had zero problems during the journey.

Long Time No See...

I know, it's unforgivable... Not posting anything for a long time. I've been posting directly on forums or friends' mailings lists... Or even my facebook network. But I still want to keep the essentials in one place. And this is it.