Monday, September 8, 2008

Pictures of Morocco

I'm back from Morocco and finally with some time to update the blog. As I had anticipated, I had to give up my initial plan of jumping from island to island to finally "land" on Morocco. The good news were that I had more time to dedicate to explore this wonderful country. I went much further south than I ever though and "survived" around 60 degrees Celsius near M'hamid, near the Algerian border. I'm smiling about the whole thing but it wasn't all fun back then. Enjoy the first photos. I'll shortly publish a FAQ and I am currently editing the video.

Great machines at 2700+ meters (8850+ feet) high, near Agoudal

Four "Adventures" in the neighbourhood of Midelt ;)

Approaching M'hamid

Cirque de Jaafar area

Pastures near Imilchil, in the Atlas mountains

Lake Eslit, close to Imilchil

Mohamed, Lake Eslit sheppard

Atlas village

"Salade du Maroc"

Road in the deep south


Pedro Silva Gordo said...

I just like to say you're nuts (chanfrado, in portuguese). You already know that, i'm sure of it!!

Nice bike you have there! Between Today, a FJR 1300 and a DR 350, you choosed the right one to go to Morrocos! Congratulations. ;o)

But, I have to say... I'm jalouse of you.

Go on, my dear friend... Choose the next place. I'm sure it will be in Africa also.

Pedro Silva Gordo

Sérgio Castro said...


It's all I have to say to you ZP.

I'm waiting for the developments of this amazing journey on the Honda Today (Adventure).

Sérgio Castro

Anonymous said...


Para quando a próxima viagem?


Avr said...

Ganda maluuuuuuuuuuuco!

Está comprovado que devagar se vai ao longe.